Saturday, March 12, 2011

instant gratification knitting

Whenever I want instant gratification knitting, my go-to pattern is the Circle Cloth by Hakucho (Ravelry link). I can make one in a couple of days of sporadic knitting here and there. I find myself going through a phase every three months or so when I want something easy and brainless to knit that doesn't require weeks of knitting to finish. This pattern fits the bill perfectly! The circles are created with slipped stitches, my favorite super-easy technique for making colorwork that looks waaay more complicated than it really is! This time, I used Lily'n Cream in a variegated colorway (In Motion) and hot pink or hot orange to contrast.

I like to reverse the colors, but this time the solid color on top just wasn't doing it for me. Shrug.


  1. Very cute cloth! I really need to make more dishcloths, they're such fun little projects.

  2. Oh that is gorgeous! I love the circle texture, and the colors.