Friday, February 10, 2012

cable crazy

Here's my latest project ... remember how I mentioned that you'd start to see some cute, tiny baby knitting projects on my blog? Well, here's one of the first ... a big, chunky cabled baby blanket using the aptly named Bernat Baby Blanket (colorway: baby blue). How can I describe this yarn? It's ultra bulky weight (knits up fast!), super soft, and squishy. Very chenille-like. It basically feels like yarn made out of a fluffy robe. But it doesn't have much give/stretch, so it does make my hands tired (similar to knitting with cotton). But given how fast it knits up and how soooooft it feels, I am pretty much in love with it.

The pattern? The "Shadow Cable Baby Blanket," a free pattern from Bernat (Ravelry link). It's a super simple, easy pattern. You basically knit stockinette for three rows, then have a cable row, and repeat. So far I've been able to cable without a cable needle (a first for me!) which has sped things up. The pattern calls for size 11 needles, which also ups the speed factor. The texture the cables are adding is awesome ...

So far I've knit up three balls. The pattern calls for six, but that would be kind of a wimpy blanket size to me, so I'll probably knit up seven. We'll see ...


  1. I love that cable pattern and that color! I bet can imagine how soft and lovely that is.

  2. It looks so soft, I just wanna bury my face in it. Mmmmm. I bet there is gonna be one happy baby. :)

    1. Just imagine knitting it ... I am constantly stopping to pet it ... LOL!

  3. Looking great - I bet it's going to be very warm and cozy!