Wednesday, September 5, 2012

holding pattern

August came and went in a whirlwind ... between a last chance, end-of-summer beach trip and the craziness that comes with the beginning of fall semester in a university town, my energy for knitting plummeted. I have two blanket projects that have been creeping along that I'm determined to finish this month--that way I can have my slate clear for holiday knitting and a pair of socks for Soctoberfest  next month! That's the plan anyway ... 
Since you've last seen the progress on my lace blocks blanket, I've finished another half a skein ... two more skeins to go (approx. 300 yards). The end is in sight!
And the last time you saw the many hearts blanket was nearly 3.5 months ago, when I was still pregnant and anxiously awaiting baby boy's arrival ... since then, I've started constructing some of the "blocks" in order to get my mojo going on this project again. It's going to be so cute once I finally finish it ... 
And this is a new project I started in August, but have stalled out on ... it's Rebecca Danger's Terence the Tap Dancing T-Rex! It's the first time I've knit one of her toy patterns, and I've become a big fan. The pattern is so well written and just as adorable as the finished product! I attempted to eek out an entire t-rex using one skein of Cascade 220, despite the fact that the pattern recommended 250-275 yards. And guess what? I ran out of yarn with one more foot left to go ... that's what I get for being cocky! I think I've found a close-enough match in my stash of a similar turquoise-blue yarn for the second foot. It will be visibly different, but I really can't justify purchasing another skein of Cascade 220, especially since I won't be able to get the same dye lot and there will still be a color difference. Arg. Lesson learned!
What are you working on? Be sure to check out the other WIPs at TamisAmis and YarnAlong!


  1. Lace blocks blanket looks soo good! I like Rebecca Danger's patterns, they're so fun to knit.

  2. that big blue blanket looks lovely!
    and i really like those hearts. so sweet. :)

  3. I love the shade of blue you've choosen for your lacey blanket. The hearts look cute, I'm terrible for starting projects and then leaving them for ages. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  4. It would be so impressive if you could finish two blankets in one month, go you! You have such pretty WIPs right now, keep up the great work.