Friday, May 17, 2013

thrift shop rehab

I've got a different kind of finished object Friday post this week ... a little thrift shop rehab! My sister is furnishing her first off-campus college apartment next year, and like all poor college students wants to do it on the cheap. We lucked out on our last visit to our local thrift shop--we scored this funky hexagon-shaped side table for $20 and a perfectly good desk for $35. We loved the shape of this side table, but not so much it's wood veneer ... enter my magic fix-all, spray paint! The color? Bauhaus Gold. It will definitely add a "pop" of color to her apartment!

Now this thrift shop score required no rehab at all ... these are by far the cutest glasses I've found yet!


  1. The hexagon shaped table is awesome! I've never seen a similar piece of furniture :) And I love the glasses!