Wednesday, November 27, 2013

a lesson in gauge

So, I'll be the first to admit that I've gotten a little careless when it comes to measuring gauge lately ... as in ... not at all. I seriously know better, and have gotten away with it .... until now. As I made my Christmas knitting plans I got the grand idea to make some sort of shawl for my Grandma. Now she doesn't strike me as the lacy-shawl kind of person, so I was envisioning something more blanket-like that she could either wrap around her shoulders or cover her lap with while crafting away watching television in the evenings. So when I spotted the Grand Palais Shawl in one of my old KnitScene magazines, I thought I had found the perfect pattern. I cast on, and knit knit knit away, loving every second of the garter stitch. When I reached the half-way point I realized that something was a little off ... see my progress shot above? Compare to the finished object shot from the pattern below. Even with the addition of the lacy border, I don't see my version coming anywhere near the original's size. And then I checked the gauge. Hmm... the pattern calls for gauge that is basically half the stitch count I'm getting with my Knit Picks Full Circle Bulky yarn on size 11 needles (which would end up twice as big as the gauge I'm currently knitting). Oops! I'm still loving the pattern and will finish it to make a generous scarf for myself. But that doesn't leave me with my Christmas gift for Grandma ...

So today I cast on for the Storm Fir Shawl. It promises to be an equally super-speedy knit, and should be closer to the size I was envisioning for this project! 

Stay tuned ... 

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