Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas finish: minion mayhem!

Have you recovered from all your Christmas gift knitting yet? I have one last minute finish I can now show off--another minion! This little guy was finished at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Christmas day--with the recipient to receive it the next day! If you compare this guy to the first minion I made in 2013, he's much taller and narrower. And in my opinion, more accurate in terms of looking like a minion. What a difference gauge makes! I used some yellow Lion Brand Wool I had in my stash, and despite using the same needles (size 6) this guy turned out more lean than the first. It also probably helps that I was more purposeful with stuffing him to maintain that shape, as well. The other modification I made this time was to pick up stitches and actually knit a bib front and back (instead of using duplicate stitch) and i-cord for the should straps. This approach looks soooo much better than duplicate stitch I think. The other mod I made was accidental--I totally forgot to cast on 10 new stitches after moving the arm stitches to waste yarn while making the body. Sooo.... the arms are about six inches smaller in diameter than the pattern calls for. I like this accidental mod! I wasn't super happy with how chunky my first minion's arms were.

So in short, I love how this turned out! If I ever make a third minion, then I'll probably repeat these "accidental" modifications! For more specific details about yarn and quantities, you can find them on my Ravelry project page. And the final verdict? My nephew, the recipient, went crazy and carried this guy around the entire Christmas party. Success! Now onto some selfish stitching....

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  1. I love your minion. He looks great.

    I got the two Despicable Me films for my husband's birthday this year and then got him some minion socks for Christmas as well. I really want to get myself a little minion... a real life one could be handy around the house too. ;-)