Wednesday, September 30, 2015

hitting "pause"

This month has gone by like a whirlwind! The one advantage of posting only once a week is that I can visually see these projects grow week-by-week! As you can see above, I finished the blue section which means .... drumroll ... I'm in my LAST section of the blanket! Once I finish the two skeins of gray homespun (held double with the orange) this one will be DONE. And my chevron cowl is working up quickly too! As much as I want to finish all my WIPs, I'm going to have to hit "pause" and shift focus for a bit. Do you remember the six azalea hats I knit in August for a local group called Project HELP that assists homeless/temporarily displaced children in my local school district?  My knitting guild has committed to knitting hats and other accessories for them this year, which means it's high time I got serious. There are currently 73 children being assisted by the program, and approximately 20 hats completed. So I'm declaring October my own personal hat marathon. How many hats can I make in one month??? We shall see ....


  1. Between the blanket and the cowl, you are on a garter stitch roll! Love the stripes.

  2. I hope you succeed with the hats. I love your chevrons.

  3. These look amazing! I love blanket knitting :)