Monday, August 22, 2016


In between first days of school, updating course syllabi, waiting in carpool, and in general "back to school" mania, I have been knitting despite the quiet on this page! I've been working on clearing the needles of some WIPs (which I'll post about later this week), and doing my own mini hat-a-thon for the month.

These hats will go to local homeless/temporarily displaced children in our local school district. Last year my knitting guild made 140 hats. We're sitting at about 30ish now, so it's time to get cracking! I've finished eight so far. Expect to see many, many more!

I'm mostly using my favorite pattern, chunkeanie, and also double stranding worsted weight yarn using my free double dutch hat pattern as well. Knitting with bulky weight makes it go soooo much faster!

With any luck, I'll quickly see the bottom of a storage tub I filled with acrylic yarns in my stash specifically for this project!


  1. So thankful for the commitment that you and the ladies of the Starkville Knitting Guild have made to these homeless students!!

  2. Those hats look wonderful! And so kind of you and your group to donate them to those who need them.

  3. That sounds like a really nice project to be doing. Plus the hats look colorful and cheerful. I bet they will bring a smile to sombody's face this winter!