Wednesday, June 18, 2008

back in action

The Heads, 'nuff said.

We only had four days to drive 2,461 miles, but we made it to Mississippi! And we had plenty of fun taking in the sites, despite our much abbreviated trip. I had hoped to meander more, but instead of having our moving van arrive within the "six to nine days" estimate, it was early ... way early. Somehow our stuff was the last loaded, and the first off, so no relaxing cross-country tour for us. Oh well, better than sleeping on the floor of our new place waiting for it to arrive!

Night 1: Bozeman, MT (my favorite of the two Montana college towns)
Night 2: Custer, SD (along the way we saw too many antelope to count, and railroad cars filled with Wyoming coal stretch into the horizon)
Night 3: Kansas City, MO (yeah, we made up a lot of ground this day, huh? checking in with our driver to find out he was already in Kansas half way through the day scared us into action)
Night 4: Amory, MS (oh so close now!)

And the next morning? Drive some more, and finally, meet the moving truck at our new home! Instead of meandering, we stuck with I-90 across Montana and South Dakota (it was kind of depressing how long it takes to get across those two states alone ... seriously), I-29 south along the borders of Iowa and Missouri, I-70 east across the middle of Missouri, and then I-55 south for the final stretch. Phew! I'm tired again thinking about it all. Here's some highlights from our sightseeing stops.

Crazy Horse. This will be massive when finished--for perspective, the Heads fit in Crazy Horse's head.

Emily attempting to photograph the ever-elusive Prairie Dog.

My best shot, taken from inside my car, with a LOT of zoom.

The biggest bead collection I've ever seen, at Crazy Horse.

If I was more into seed beads, I would sooo replicate this display.

The Heads, Corn Palace version.

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