Saturday, June 21, 2008

rainbow brite

Remember glimpses of a tote bag I was knitting, and nearly allowed Zoey T. Cat to annihilate? That poor project had languished, alone and forgotten, until I rediscovered it while packing for our big move. This project falls into the category of, "why did I abandon this project when it was so close to being done?" Seriously, all I really had left was binding off and making the handles ... oh well. It's done now, and happily gifted! I used Lion Brand Landscapes yarn ("prairie meadow" or something like that) and basically the same design as my pink dottie tote but with straps attached (and bigger needles and chunkier yarn). I wish I had taken a better close-up before gifting this bag, but when this yarn felts, the cloudy, mottled part of the ply melds together and the bright, vibrant part of the ply emerges–leaving bright colored flecks throughout the piece. I like the effect, but if you’re trying to avoid stitch definition, it would be difficult to achieve with this yarn. This yarn also takes much longer to felt (more wash cycles) than other wool marketed for felting projects, in my experience. I'm counting this project as my first contribution towards Project Spectrum - Air, due to the rainbow-like qualities of the finished felted fabric.

Now that it's done, I want to make another ... unfortunately, I have yet to locate a source of Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in my new locale. My local options include Wal-Mart (no luck there, ha!), a nice LYS within 30 minutes, and a Hobby Lobby within an hour (two thumbs up!). Of course I must now lust over yarn I cannot purchase locally! Sigh.

Before ...

and after!

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