Friday, May 20, 2011

day five: week of red (and FO Friday)

And to finish the week of red (and orange), some final glimpses of red from my backyard ...

my bottle "bush"

Poor birds -- they need a refill!

one of my favorites, the dahlia

And here's an old finished object (FO) I realized I never blogged about! The last time you saw these guys was in my post on MacGyver knitting ... These are basic socks, using Ann Budd's simple sock pattern (Rav link), that I started knitting for myself right around Christmas. I had them ready for the kitchener toe graft at New Year's but then they stalled out due to how much I despise kitchener-ing. And then my cat discovered them and I ended up ripping back to fix the damage she inflicted ... grrr ... but now they are ready for this year's holiday season! The yarn is a self-striping colorway called "Kinetic Energy" by String Theory Colorworks. This yarn base, Continuum, has just a touch of cashmere in it. The verdict? Totally addictive yarn!

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