Saturday, June 2, 2012

doodle stitching: happy day banner

We're having lots of happy days here because .... baby finally arrived! I found this project in one of my many bouts of nesting-related cleaning, and decided to finish it up in time to use it to celebrate the little guy's arrival. It's a project inspired by the "happy days banner" from the book Doodle Stitching (see my previous post about this project).
As you can see, I modified this project heavily. The book's instructions call for using quilting cotton and sewing a back onto each flag (I used felt and skipped the backing step). And I opted to print a more "varsity" feeling font from my computer instead of using the book's font (which was too curly and girly for my taste). I also skipped the crown or other birthday-related motifs, in favor of creating something that could be used to celebrate any happy occasion.

I'll be posting a lot less frequently as we acclimate to a newborn's sleeping schedule. May you be having happy days now as well!


  1. What a neat little project. I love the font you chose, it adds a great touch.

  2. That is such a great project. Congrats!