Tuesday, May 22, 2012

going home dec: recovering dining room chairs

In another last-minute burst of nesting activity, I realized I'd better complete a project that will be near impossible to do while balancing a newborn and an active toddler. Especially since the toddler no longer naps! These are my dining room chairs. I fell in love with the vertical stripe, but didn't consider the durability of this fabric choice when making my purchase. The orangey-red and green stripes have a velvety texture, whereas the tan and gold stripes are a smooth polyester. In a frustratingly short amount of time, the weakness of this combination became evident (see below).

Nice warped stripes, huh? You can't tell in this photo, but the other major problem with the original upholstery is how easily it stained--combined with an inability to clean it! All my attempts to clean stains created lovely water marks that made my chairs very unappealing (to put it nicely!). So I knew I needed to correct this situation with a more durable upholstery fabric. I can handle re-covering a chair seat ... the seat back? Not so much. So I knew I needed a fabric that complemented the stripes, as I had no intention of replacing the seat back.

It took a little patience to find the right combination of orange and red, but I think I found the perfect fit! It's a much more formal and traditional style than I normally would decorate with, but I love it when combined with the stripe. And the dining room is my most formal room in my house, so it works. Six side chairs was a lot of work with my friend, the staple gun--but I love the end result! 

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