Wednesday, October 2, 2013

spare time is growing

Well, I should clarify ... my personal spare time has not increased, but my little spare time sweater has! I'm finishing up the second sleeve now, and will just need to weave in ends and do some tiny seaming at the collar. Loving how it is turning out!

What's next? Since it's Socktoberfest, I dug through my many WIPs and found the Dancing Bamboo socks I started sometime last spring. It's a simple, easily memorized lace pattern so it should be fun to finish! 


  1. I love the sock pattern and the yarn. Your link didn't work right for me but they were easy to find on ravelry.

    What fabulous pooling on the sweater

  2. Your projects are looking great. I do love the yarn choices for both.

  3. Oh my word. I love the collar on that sweater. And the colors are pooling in such a cool pattern! Gorgeous.