Sunday, October 19, 2014

fall doldrums?

These make me wish I could crochet! Craftsy Pattern Here

The blog has been quiet this month, but that's not for lack of activity here. More like lack of focus, lack of finishing. That frustrating feeling of not being able to get anything done. I'm inching closer to "done" on lots of things, but that's the real problem--I've got too much started right now. 

Case in point:
  1. At least 75% done on my knit night scarf, which I started in September as part of a KAL.
  2. Down to the very last lace border portion of Ardor (really only 1/3 of the entire project left to finish).
  3. Mid-way through a quilt top that has yet to be documented on the blog so far.
  4. Started a cowl test knit earlier in October out of Malabrigo worsted that is super yummy to knit so far. Approximately 8 pattern repeats left to knit before blocking and seaming up can occur.
  5. Knit a minion iPad cover earlier this month as a gift (one finish! yay, deadlines!)
Funnily enough, the (seemingly) millions of simultaneous WIPs is my normal protocol--but I think because a couple of these projects have self-imposed deadlines on them they are hanging more heavily over my head. Add to the mix that we've had more weekend-filling activities than normal this month (Go MSU Bulldogs! Woo, home football games!), and I've had less weekend knitting time. I feel a little silly feeling whiny about this--give me some more time and I'll have this stuff finished before I know it. And then I'll feel happy and productive again. I tallied up my yardage for the year so far, and was shocked to realize that I've knit over 12,000 yards already for the year (way above my normal yardage). So maybe I should cut myself a little slack!


  1. You should definitely cut yourself some slack, you are a knitting machine! Don't worry, I've been feeling the same way, so many large projects to work on!

  2. You can do it! Once you get one finished item under your belt, I think you'll feel a lot more accomplished, but you have done so much already!

  3. Thanks ladies! I know I'll feel like my normal self soon!