Wednesday, May 13, 2015

summer stashbustin'


I know it's only the beginning of May, but for me it's the beginning of summer. (that's what happens when you work in higher education at a university on the semester system) Finals are over, my grades are in, and that means only a few short sweet months of summertime crafting. I always start off overambitious, and this summer is no exception. You are looking at only one of the three major "stashes" I'd like to make a dent in this summer. Two large storage tubs of my acrylic yarns, including some very dubious purchases I made prior to discovering the world of wool yarn. (the other two stashes? an overflowing dresser of gorgeous sock yarn, and a fabric stash that contains at least three or four quilt's worth of fabric ready in wait) I thought I'd start by outlining plans/ideas for the acrylic stash first so I can compare my progress at the end of the summer.

Project #1: No surprise here, as you saw the cast on for this project last week. My third garter squish blanket!

 Project idea: More sidewinder beanies! The Hobby Lobby yarn is reflective so it's like "safety yarn."

 Project idea: A couple more leaf baby sweaters to have on hand for gifts.

 Project idea: a baby garter squish blanket.

Project idea: a boy baby sweater out of the maroon, a tank top out of the cotton ease.

Project idea: a cowl/hat out of the blue-turquoise acrylic. Not sure for the weekend yarn.

 Project idea: ?!?!?! Scarves for my daughter? A fuzzy stuffy animal?

 Project idea: ?!?! Not sure yet. TBD.

Project idea: another garter squish blanket!

Project idea: scarves for charity.

Last but not least is the remaining stash of "good" baby yarn. This is the stuff that I still love and don't question my taste when purchasing it. If I don't get to knitting this up that's okay with me.


  1. Thanks for the link to the leaf baby patterns. They are now in my queue!

    1. It's become my go-to baby gift pattern! Knits up fast and is fun. Highly recommend!

  2. Good luck! That's a lot of stash to work through-but it will clear up so much space!

    1. That's exactly what I'm looking forward to! :-D

  3. lots of great plans for your stash! Can't have too many garter squish blankets, that's for sure.

    1. I agree! I want to fill the house with them, lol!