Friday, October 9, 2015

current hat total, week 2

This week was the week of the "chunkeanie" pattern (a free pattern by Wooly Wormhead, you can find it here)--I busted out six different hats using that pattern! Super fast and fun, and especially fast with chunky/bulky weight yarn! I also finished my another neon yellow and black sidewinder beanie (not pictured) and am halfway through another (below). Next week? I'm feeling the urge to double-strand some worsted weight yarn for more super speedy hats. Maybe this free Marled Hat pattern by the folks who make Plucky Yarn??

Previous total: 8 hats
This week's additions:  7 hats
TOTAL hats knit: 15 


  1. WOW!!!! You put my knitting frenzy to shame!!! Way to go!!! :)

  2. amazing, I love your hat tally! It's going so well!

  3. Chunky hats are the best! Look at you go! :)