Saturday, October 31, 2015

grand total

Okay, my unofficial goal was to hit the 30 hat mark this month ... and I did it! Yipeeeeeeee! Even better--I tallied how many yards I knit this month, and including the two washcloths I'm up to 2,567 yards. From hats people!! That's amazing. And my local knitting guild has now knit over 100 hats, ensuring that each child will receive one. I'm so proud and happy! (and next year I vow to work on this project more gradually ... lol)

Previous total: 24 hats
This week's additions: 6 hats
TOTAL hats knit: 30 HATS


  1. That is a great achievement and all those children will be very grateful when the cold weather arrives.

  2. wow, that's incredibly! Busy needles!