Friday, February 12, 2016

funky finishes

It's not all that often that you see my duds on this blog. That's for several reasons. Either I rip them out and destroy the evidence, or I abandon them to solitary confinement in a closet until I later rip them apart. So for something different, here's a couple of projects that I feel kind of "meh" about.

Project number one: a dog bowl placemat for my sister. This is the pin that I saw on Pinterest that inspired me to make this project. My version is pretty laughable looking at the pin now! Turns out that the original crafter of this project is from Europe. So I used Google translator to get the free pattern, which mostly worked ... or maybe not!

Problem number one: obviously doesn't lay flat. Problem number two: does this really resemble a dog bone? As much as I am tempted to send this to my sister, I'm probably going to rip this bad boy apart!

Funky project number two: the Molly hat. This is a fantastic free pattern that's been very popular on Ravelry, but somehow my version just didn't turn out so fantastic. I followed the pattern exactly, but my version is just simply too short. Look how short it looks on my hand! It barely reaches the top of my ears. Luckily the recipient likes her hats this way, but in my book any hat that doesn't cover your ears is a dud. Which was disappointing since I love the look of this pattern and the ever shrinking cables are fun and cute! I will make this one again, but I obviously have row gauge issues compared to the designer's gauge and need to repeat an extra cable or two to achieve the correct hat length.

Pattern: Molly (link to my Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted (colorway: vermillion)

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