Saturday, February 7, 2009

organized chaos

When I realized I had to search through more than six "works in progress" project bags to find all my knitting needles, I knew I had a problem. Did I have a pair of size 5 circulars? No idea. The search for a perfect needle case began ...

My answer? The Namaste needle binder. I had seen it online and fell in immediate lust, but thought it was too much of a splurge at first. Instead, I focused more on the roll-up cloth needle cases. When I realized my LYS carried Offhand Designs, which I had been admiring online, I dropped in to see the product in person. Instead I walked out of the store with a shiny new turquoise Namaste needle binder and extra inserts in hand. Oops!

After seeing the Namaste needle binder in person, and comparing to cloth-based needle cases, I realized it wasn't as much of a splurge as I initially thought. Many of the cloth-based needle cases my LYS carried were similar in price. And the Namaste needle binder has one significant advantage the cloth-based needle rolls were lacking--expandability. Even as a relatively new knitter, I could immediately fill the cloth-based needle cases with my current needle collection. The Namaste binder? Plenty of ability to grow with my needle collection. After that realization, I was sold. And no regrets here!

The binder comes with four inserts. Two sleeves for straights, one with skinny pockets (below), the other with wide (above). I easily fit a set of size 7 and 8 dpn's in the wide pockets. One zippered mesh sleeve divided into two pockets, and one zippered notions bag. I used the zippered mesh sleeve for my circulars, which has worked great so far.

The Namaste needle binder also has internal zippered mesh pockets on both sides of the binder. I'm using one side for my dpn collection (below) and the other side for various notions.

Final verdict? I am sooo in love with this needle organization solution. Now that I know what I have, I know what I need to purchase! :-D

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