Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sewing success

Week two of my beginning sewing class, and look at what I came home with! Sooo exciting. This is by far the cutest and most professional-looking thing I have ever sewed, and I am so inspired to dive into more sewing projects now. My first time using fusible interfacing, and my first time topstitching (see below). I was terrified every second of stitching it, especially since I chose a print that really didn't allow for a forgiving, blend-in-the-background thread choice. But I did pretty well, if I do say so myself!

Look at me, I'm relatively straight!

We even put in a lining and pocket.

The pattern was soo easy, I left the store with material for a second tote, which I whipped out the next day. It turned out even better than the first! Watch out world, I'm going to become a tote-bag making machine.

I love this print on the vertical ...

Cat inspected and approved.


  1. Oh My gosh! Too cute! Just found ya off another blog....I would totally buy one of your totes! Love the DOTS!

  2. Thanks, Giddy! I am so in love with the fabric options at my local fabric store--it's really the fabric that makes the bag! :-D