Monday, July 11, 2011

feeling stitchy

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to do some embroidery. This doesn't surprise me, since normally I have about ten different crafting projects of various crafting genres going at one time. It's shocking to me that I've been so relatively monogamous in that I've been only focused on my knitting for the past few months. Embroidery was my very first craft: cross-stitch to be exact. Somewhere I still have the ribbons I earned from entering my work in the county fair as a kid! This book, Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray, isn't cross-stitch, but is still feeding my itch to stitch nonetheless.

The book has 17 different projects, and embroidery motifs in 19 different categories (alphabet, asian chic, baby, celebrations, circus, embellishments, farm animals, flowers, food, fruits & veggies, garden time, space, sweet shoppe, trees & leaves, under the sea, weather, winged wonders, woodland animals, woodland fairytale). What I love about this book is the cute, contemporary aesthetic of the motifs. While I have purchased (and loved!) many of Jenny Hart's great embroidery patterns over at Sublime Stitching, her style sometimes is a little too edgy and punky for me. Doodle Stitching, on the other hand, is more sweet in comparison. Designs that would work better for a contemporary, but still cute, kid's projects.

Here are some the projects that immediately caught my eye:

These would be a perfect baby shower gift ...

So cute! I'd love to use these patterns on kitchen towels ...

Someone has a 2nd birthday coming up that this would be perfect for ...

Needless to say, I think you'll be seeing me make a lot of projects out of this book!


  1. Very cute! I recently won a couple cross stitching booklets that have reawakened my desire to do embroidery/cross stitch. I haven't done anything with it since I was a kid, but those patterns are adorable enough that I might add this to my wishlist, too.

    Happy stitching!

  2. I love the element of adornment embroidery adds to a project! I'm too chicken to try it myself...