Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! We packed up all the Christmas decor yesterday, which always makes me a little sad. Suddenly the house feels so sparse! But it always feels good to have such a big chore done and out of the way ... which leaves more guilt-free time for crafting! I have several major crafting goals for 2012:

Priority #1: stashbusting! My yarn and fabric stash has seemingly multiplied exponentially in the past couple of years. Being realistic, I am not going to commit myself to a drastic yarn/supply diet in which I make no new purchases whatsoever. Instead, I have made some knitting goals that I can complete using my current stash.

  • Goal #1: Knit 12 socks in 2012. This is a biggie for me, but doable. I'm going to keep my patterns simple to keep this even more doable. I have joined this group in Ravelry for inspiration and motivation. My self-striping sock yarn stash in particular has grown wildly out of control, so I'm excited to finally knit it up!

  • Goal #2: Finish at least one sweater in 2012. I have one WIP that is thisclose to being finished (a little more length on the body, plus arms and a neckband) so this is doable as well. I have enough yarn for at least three sweaters in my stash, but I'm going to be realistic here.

Priority #2: utilizing my craft/yarn book stash more frequently. I have a bad tendency of purchasing/receiving amazing craft books, admiring the projects for a week or two, then storing the books on a bookshelf and promptly forgetting about them forever. Not good.

  • Goal #3: Make one project a month out of one of my current stash of craft books. I have an amazing mitten book by Charlene Schurch to tackle, and tons of adorable knitted toy books I'd like to finally make projects from this year.

Priority #3: get back to needlework and embroidery! I have several projects brewing over the past few months that just haven't quite made it to the start phase.

  • Goal #4: Make needlepoint pillows for my couch in my sitting room. I have canvas, I have some yarn, I have ideas ... just need to start!

  • Goal #5: Finish a paper-doll cross-stitch kit for my daughter's room. This will be a long-term project. I purchased the most adorable paper-doll themed cross-stitch kit years ago, thinking I'd make it for one of my kids "someday." Every time I see it in my stash of kits and supplies, I get all excited about it again. I think this is the year to finally make it!

Priority #4: do more design work! Let's face it, the tapered tote is kind of lonely ... I have more than enough ideas, I just haven't committed to getting them down on paper.

  • Goal #6: Publish at least one new knitting pattern in 2012.
What are your crafting goals for 2012?

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  1. This is a great list! Good luck and happy new year!