Thursday, November 1, 2012

my book problem: reviving the craft book challenge

That picture? That's 50 knitting and crochet books ... 50 books that I have yet to make a single project from (funny, they don't look as numerous in two orderly stacks as they do on my shelves!). Sadly, I have only made projects out of a whopping seven books from my entire collection (see below) ... And this is excluding all my sewing, quilting, beading and general crafting books! I've been re-organizing my shelves in our "library" which has forced me to come to terms with this problem ... I have a bad habit of going straight to Ravelry's pattern search when I am contemplating a new project. I then fall in love with a new pattern, purchase it, and cast on ... and never crack open a single book I already own. Remember my crafting resolutions? Yup, one of them was to make more projects out of my crafting book library. I've actually done a little better this year than most. So far I've made five projects, but clearly I've got a long way to go!

Is this a problem for you, too?

I've decided to revive the craft book challenge for myself. This was a fantastic idea of Liesl's that she passed on to Michelle McCoy, but has seemingly died.

Anyone else want to join in?


  1. I think it is a fabulous idea. I have too many books that have wannabe but haven't yet come to fruition projects in them.

  2. When are you starting?

    I'm going on a yarn diet from Jan 1, 2013. This craft book challenge along with this will provide me with inspiration. God knows I need to utilise the 60 of them I have.

    1. Yippee! I was going to do this right away, but realistically I think it would be better to start with the new year since my holiday knitting plate is already full anyway!

    2. Wonderful!!! I just got four more craft books (on sale if that helps AND I'm asking for one for Christmas) LOLOLOL!!! Right on time to start for the new year!!!

      I'll hop by the blog closer to the new year to check in with you!

      Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I need to use it or lose it with a lot of my craft books also! If the internet would just be down for a couple months we'd all get more use out of all the books we "just had to have"!!! lol!
    I vow to start this month & make one gift from one of my books!

  4. Are we still doing this? I'll check back after Christmas for your response.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!