Monday, April 22, 2013

joining in ...

Are you participating in the 4th annual kniting and crochet blog week? I'm not as ambitious as last year, but I couldn't skip the fun! When Eskimimi posed the first topic I knew instantly which "house" I belonged to ... bee! I have described myself as having crafting ADD so many times ... as much as I love Ravelry, I struggle with how it enables my distraction issues. I enjoy the rush of planning and casting on for a new project ... about a third of the way in, the adrenaline usually fades and then it can become a slog (except when I have an exceptional pattern or yarn that keeps things interesting!). That's the real reason why you see so many quick knit projects on this blog ... they're the only ones that stand a fighting chance of not getting abandoned to my cast-onitis. Larger projects aren't hopeless, but they really need me to love them to keep from losing my interest, you know? If I make a mistake, or run into trouble with the pattern .... that can be a death sentence for that project ...

What motivates you to stay focused? Desire for the finished product? A deadline or expectations of a recipient? Guilt (e.g. I've spent _____ on the supplies for this ...)?


  1. I know what you mean - I spend more time on Rav plotting and planning than I do actually crafting ;)

  2. I spend far too much time on ravelry planning what I want to make next. It would be more productive to spend the time finishing the current WIP so I can then start the new one but alas!

    I don't tend to start a project unless I want the finished product. Deadlines don't always work for me but I will sometimes tell myself that I can't cast on the new shiny project until I've finished the current one

  3. I'm a fellow bee and know the dangers of Ravelry. So much great ideas and so few time to really do something like that.

    What keeps me going is the desire for the finished object and/or expectation of the recipient as well as the feeling that my stash becomes less and less (well... ok, I really should stop buying yarn, that would help).

    And I try to limited myself to only that much projects that they fit into my project bags. Meaning one is currently full with something that one day should be a carpet and the other two fit 1-3 projects at a time. So no more than about 5 projects at the same time...

  4. I am a bee too. I have quite a few projects in long term hibernation. I tend to stick with smaller things, like socks, that are more likely to get finished. I figure it will all get done at some point!

  5. Stay focused? Not likely, I'm a bee too! But I would say it's just determination to get it done. I only knit what I want to knit, so I usually really want the completed project. If I knit to someone else's desire I fail! That's why I never knit for request. Only when I want to knit something will I do it.

  6. A quick fix is great. I often have a larger project going on as well as smaller ones. Sometimes a straight forward knit or crochet is what is needed when I cannot give it my full attention!