Wednesday, April 17, 2013

whipping up more one hour super bulky child's hats

I've been having fun stashbusting and whipping out more azalea hats (free child's hat pattern!) for the orphanage in Kenya ... remember that I promised to report back on whether or not you could yield two hats from one skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA? The answer is: nope. It takes about 2/3 a skein for one hat ... so you can yield three hats from two skeins, to be precise. I've also been experimenting with the finishing on this last set. I wanted to try a pom pom for this more "boy" color (Little Rock Granite) and below is the effect when you cast off instead of making the i-cord top.

One more to go! Then I will have officially depleted the Lion Brand Hometown USA left in my stash ...


  1. awww well done on the cute charity hats, I'm sure a child will absolutely love owning one. Have a knitty wednesday x

  2. What a wonderful project! Lovely designs

  3. Excellent way to destash! I have no idea how the children will feel about the hats because I'm not "cool" or "hip" anymore, but I know I would be happy to own one!