Sunday, April 20, 2014

dyeing yarn with easter egg dyes

Happy Easter! I don't know if this is going to become an Easter tradition for me, but I couldn't resist playing with the leftover Easter egg dye tablets we had lying around this weekend (just like last year!). What you see is my version of "rainbow" yarn for a crazy, bright sweater for my nearly five-year-old girl. I followed the classic color sequence of Roy G. Biv, plus a hot pink added to the mix. I used two boxes of PAAS "Neon" dye, plus the purple from good 'ol Kroger brand "neon" food coloring droplets (the same purple I used in my blue-purple mix last time), and two tablets of red dye from a traditional PAAS box. I learned last time that one dye tablet didn't go very far in dyeing a skein of sock yarn. So I honestly was a little nervous this time, as I needed to dye three skeins to have enough to make a sweater quantity! (this is Knit Picks Bare Superwash Merino in Bulky weight) So I followed my tutorial instructions, except I doubled up the dye tablets, taking the two boxes dye tablets and mixing two of each color together instead of separately. I used a tablespoon or so of vinegar to dissolve the two tablets, then added approximately 16 oz of water to the cup. Since I had eight colors for each rainbow skein, I was able to squeeze by and finish that third skein--but just barely! I am seriously loving how it is knitting up. Definitely neon! And definitely fun!

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  1. Found your blog through Ravelry.

    I love this, I'm a massive fan of variegated yarn and this looks fantastic. So much fun to knit.