Wednesday, April 30, 2014

in progress: rainbow raglan

Do you remember my experiment with Easter egg dye? I'm loving how this is actually knitting up! I'm making my daughter a "rainbow raglan" using one of Ann Budd's gauge-based formula pattern books. I had a few false starts--the neckline instructions gave me some fits at first! First time it was user error--I didn't pay attention to see that there was "at the same time" neckline shaping. Second time, it was fit--the neckline was huuuuge! So I just measured a shirt, and used some quick math to come up with the right cast-on for a 13-inch circumference neckline. Perfect! This should be finished pretty quickly--gotta love bulky weight yarn!


  1. Every time I see yarns dyed with egg dye I'm amazed at how vibrant the colors turn out. Looks great as a sweater!