Wednesday, April 15, 2015

mitt mania

My fingerless mitten mania continues. After I weighed my finished Rothko mitts, I was shocked to realize that they only used 48 grams of sock yarn. And then my mind started churning, since I have a tiny stash of sock leftovers that are right around 35-40ish grams ... and with a little creative color combining, that means I have the materials for many great pairs of mitts! So these use the same pattern as the Rothko mitts, but with the exception of me knitting them with a scale on hand to make sure I left an equal amount of yarn leftover for the second mitt. The yarn you may recognize as leftovers from both my rainbow socks and my grapevine crosshatch lace socks from several years ago. These were gifted to one of my knitting circle friends who is getting married and moving away and all kinds of exciting life changes. And yes, I already have another pair of these on the needles. I'm using up the rest of the fibre space club kit, just reversing the color order this time!

The second garter squish blanket is still growing, too. I'm about half-way done at this point. Still loving it, even though it looks soooo different than the first one I made! I'm quickly learning that when I'm tired and crazy busy, I find endless garter stitch and knitting stockinette in the round to be really, really soothing. As in, I totally crave it soothing. I have some socks that are in progress, but I keep finding myself reaching for this in progress garter squish blanket or casting on for yet another pair of fingerless mittens. It just feels soooo good to work on both right now. My unofficial goal is to finish this before the end of May, since I know that once the humidity really hits here my desire to work with a blanket will be zilch!


  1. Very cool mitts...I've been thinking of doing the same with my leftover sock yarn, as I adore fingerless mitts...

  2. I love the blues in your blanket, that will be so fun when it is done. As is the mitts, rainbows are always fun to play with.

  3. ooh, I love those rainbow mitts! and that squishy garter blanket looks SO cozy! :)