Wednesday, April 20, 2016

knit your library, vol. 10

In between fits of gardening I have been knitting, believe it or not! I'm in one of those all-over-the-place phases. I want to start ALL.THE.THINGS and then I don't feel like I'm productive since I'm not finishing anything. I'm trucking along on Nurmilintu (a freebie I downloaded August 2014! I swear, sometimes my pattern library is a black hole that sucks time away ... I could have sworn that this pattern came out last year, not two years ago ...). I'm using up a skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate in the Harrison colorway. This is destined to be a gift for an online yarnie friend, but I'm curious to see if I like this shape. I normally gravitate towards cowls, not asymmetrical neck things so we'll see. If I like it this would be a great way to blast through some "special" single skeins of sock yarn I have.

And evidence of my casting on insanity, another pair of socks. As if I didn't have enough socks-in-progress already ...

And long overdue photos of my finished Campside Cardigan! I love how this turned out! This is really heavily modified--I used the top-down set-in sleeve pattern from my Ann Budd book of top-down sweater patterns. I did this because the pattern as designed was one of those skimpy front raglan designs. And I know from experience that these won't stay on my shoulders and I'll constantly be pulling them back on and constantly bugging me. So I had way more stitches than the pattern calls for--I picked the lace pattern that most closely matched my stitch count, and everything worked out. I also cheated and did my own thing in terms of switching lace charts. I liked the first two charts best, so I knit them further than the pattern called for. The yarn is Miss Babs Wowsa in the Violaceous colorway--I used exactly two skeins, or 1,092 yards (more details on my Ravelry page). Normally I am bored with single color yarns, but the vibrancy of this purple was enough to keep me interested!


  1. I love your purple cardigan! And I love the mods that you made. It looks lovely!

  2. Everything is lovely, but that sweater is stunning! You did a great job.

  3. that cardigan is so great!! I love the colour, and it looks fantastic. Isn't it so rewarding to knit a cardigan that you know you'll get to wear right away? I find cardigans so trans-seasonal.

  4. I always love all the happy colors you knit with. Your Campside cardi looks amazing - so happy and bright.

  5. Your cardigan looks lovely on you. Nice work. The shawl I LOVE, that yarn looks delicious. Nothing wrong with casting on all the things as long as you have enough needles. ;-)

  6. Just discovered your "Knit Your Library" challenge by way of Jenna's blog. What a great idea. I will definitely be joining you in the future!

    Your cardigan turned out great, by the way. "Heavily modified" terrifies me. I'm not nearly a confident enough knitter to do more than teeny changes. I'm in awe of people who can completely make a pattern suit them perfectly!

    1. You'll get there eventually! Trust me! But there's plenty of times I don't want to think and am happy to follow the pattern exactly!