Monday, April 11, 2016

resolutions check in

We've officially finished the first quarter of the year (eeep!) and to stay on better track towards achieving my 2016 crafting resolutions I thought I should do quarterly progress checks this year. So what were my resolutions again??

  • Goal #1: ZERO yarn purchases this year. Success! I have NOT purchased anything! Shocker!
  • Goal #2: Empty at least two storage containers of yarn. LOL, not anywhere close.
  • Goal #3: Sew at least four quilts. One quilt top finished so far.
  • Goal #4: Knit at least three sweaters for myself. YES! One done!
  • Goal #5: Knit 50 charity projects. 14 newborn baby beanies so far.
  • Goal #6: Empty a storage bin of needlepoint projects. Oof. ZERO progress here.
  • Goal #7: Make new pillow covers for my front sitting room. No progress.
  • Goal #8: Continue to build my budding crochet skills. Yes! Multiple edgings and beanies made.
  • Goal #9: Dye my own self-striping yarn. Not yet!!
  • Goal #10: Continue my Love Your Library project! 7 finished projects so far!
I know it's crazy to add more goals to my list, but I realized over the last few weeks I have a few more specific things I want to do this year that fall in line with my "follow through" theme. Specifically, there are several knitwear designers that I have pined over their patterns for years now. So a subgoal for my "follow through" goal is to knit at least one pattern by these designers: Veera, Joji, and Mairlynd.

How's your crafting year been going so far?


  1. I love Joji's stuff. I have done Autumn Blush and Sunset Shawl. And I love Spiders, but I hate spiders!!

    1. I love almost everything she makes! She is soooo productive in knitting and pattern releasing I'm just in awe of her!

  2. Omg yes to Melanie Berg and Veera Impossiblelastname. I have Veera's Stay the Same pullover on the needles, but it's hibernating right now (like my blog, yikes). Melanie Berg does a great 5-for-4 deal on her Ravelry patterns, so definitely buy a bunch all in one go. Drachenfels is my favorite and I need to make a few more as mine is all pilly, but she makes garter stitch magical with her patterns.

    In other news, I am moving into a new house at the end of this week so my spare time is going toward packing right now, which I hate. Barf. But even with all this nonsense I am still reading your blog! Keep writing! Keep crafting! Keep following through!

    1. Awww, you have no idea how your comment made my day! I've been in a blogging slump lately, and it's so easy to skip posting when it feels like no one is reading. Thank you!!