Wednesday, April 6, 2016

knit your library, vol. 9

While I've been absent, this big pile of purple got finished! That's my campside cardigan, which is a mash-up of a top-down set-in sleeve pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweater patterns and Alicia Plummer's Campside Cardi pattern. 1,092 yards of yummy Miss Babs Wowza out of my stash! It's blocking now and I can't wait to wear it once it dries! What's even more exciting to me is that this only used two of my three skeins of Wowza ... which means I can make an awesome cowl from the remaining skein ... AND I know I can make myself a sweater from the two skeins of Wowza I have in my stash! YES! 

In other "knit from my library" news, I made two hats from an oldie-but-goodie pattern for me: luuk. Above is a last minute newborn baby gift version, and below is a kiddo version for my little boy. This project makes me exceptionally happy since it is one of my "follow through" projects for this year. I specifically bought this yarn with this intention for it. And I followed through in under a year's time! (sadly that's fast for me ...) This is Wisdom Yarns "Poems" in the Amazon colorway. I had two skeins in my stash, and the two hats used 1.5 of them. I have enough yarn leftover for another baby version to add to my gifting pile! What's fun is seeing the difference in the two hats--the newborn version was small enough to not reach the brighter limes/yellows in the skein, so it has a completely different feel than the big kid version!

And despite the humongous number of WIPs I have lying around, I have been feeling the urge to try making an oversized shawl of some sort lately. So I'm back to my varjo-shadow pattern that I started ages ago but frogged since I didn't like my original color choices. This is a gorgeous SpinningFates pink colorway called "gillyflower" and I'll be pairing it with a speckled yarn I've been hoarding for far too long. 


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