Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 knitting year-in-review



March - April



September - October



This year was epic on several levels. I knit more yardage than I ever have ever, and that's mostly because I knit not one ... not two ... THREE humongous garter squish blankets this year! I also set a personal sock knitting record this year, knitting a total of seven pairs of socks for myself (most years I'm lucky to knit one pair!). And the fall was dominated by a charity hat knit-a-thon that amassed 30 hats for local homeless kids. That was a fun project that will be repeated next year!

And now for the moment of truth ... how well did I do in achieving my knitting resolutions?
  • Goal #1: Knit down my stash. Results? MIXED. I knit more than I ever have,  but .... my stash grew like it never has before.
  • Goal #2: Finish, frog, or otherwise eliminate my current WIPs. Results? MIXED. I whittled my WIPs down to five projects, and that's down from 16!
  • Goal #3: Continue my Love Your Library project! Results? SUCCESS!
So what am I thinking about for 2016? I'm devoting this year to recovering my spare bedroom. Right now it is filled to the max with yarn, fabric, yarn, and more yarn. That means I need to get serious. Really serious. And I'm realizing that means I need to go cold turkey--no new yarn. Period. It pains me to write that, which is ridiculous if you could see the size of my stash. I'm also thinking it's time to go back to a more specific list of goals. When I go vague, I just don't get as much accomplished.
  • Goal #1: ZERO yarn purchases this year.
  • Goal #2: Empty at least two storage containers of yarn. 
  • Goal #3: Sew at least four quilts.
  • Goal #4: Knit at least three sweaters for myself.
  • Goal #5: Knit 50 charity projects.
  • Goal #6: Empty a storage bin of needlepoint projects.
  • Goal #7: Make new pillow covers for my front sitting room.
  • Goal #8: Continue to build my budding crochet skills.
  • Goal #9: Dye my own self-striping yarn.
  • Goal #10: Continue my Love Your Library project!
Phew. Yes, it's ambitious. But if there's any hope of unearthing my spare bedroom, this is what must be done. If you'd like to join in on the 2016 Love Your Library challenge, come back on New Year's Day! I'll post more specific details about those plans for the year. Happy New Year!


  1. How inspiring you are! When you get all the projects for the year together like that, you can see just how much you have accomplished! I may have to follow nearly all of your ten goals too. I have been slowly working at clearing out - selling lots of books - but the craft stashes need to be whittled down too. I am going to be to Love Your Library next year too - I got a bit off track this year! Happy New Year to you and thanks for the knitting inspiration this year!

    1. Yay! So glad you'll be participating again!

  2. I love your goals! And your graphs, you're so organised! I'm super impressed with all your projects, they look great :)

    1. The graphs make it so much easier for me to compare year to year ... they're just from Microsoft word, believe it or not!

  3. What a productive year and brilliant goals for next year.

    1. Thanks! Here's hoping I can achieve all of them!