Monday, December 21, 2015

christmas bow wreath tutorial

Remember when I mentioned last week that it looked like Christmas had exploded in our house? Well, it's still pretty much all over the place. Several years ago I made some cheap dollar store Christmas ornament wreaths (see tutorial here) that I loved, but have eventually worn out over the years. I've always admired Christmas bow wreaths and thought it would be a fitting replacement. So out came the glue gun!

This project was pretty straight forward. I kept the paper adhesive tags on the back of each bow, using them as my spot to put the hot glue. Then I slowly attached them on a wreath form, leaving the interior and exterior edges for last.

To make a loop to hang the wreath from, I wrapped some wire-edged ribbon I already had on hand around the wreath form and made a loop when tying it closed. Then I covered the ribbon with bows.

Ta da! Cheerful and catches the light nicely above my mantel!

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