Wednesday, May 11, 2016

love your library, vol. 12

In my latest efforts to keep crafting from my library of books and patterns, I've gone crochet crazy again using a pattern from the book Granny Square Love that I've had in my library for over a year (at least) now. Technically, this is a cushion pattern. But I'm using it to make a blanket that's one of those around-the-world keep adding a row to the edge until it's big enough type patterns. And I'm totally hooked (hehehe, couldn't resist!). I'm using two strands of worsted weight (Red Heart yarns, since this will need to be washable) held together with the same M/N hook I used for my daughter's mermaid blanket. It's going sooo fast, which is super satisfying since it'll be over 4,000 yards out of the stash if I use everything I purchased for this project! Weeee!

And to get back into my charity making spirit, I started making chunkeanies again! One done, and one started ...

Which is good, since I have this entire bin of charity project yarn I plan to knit through this summer!  (you know me, summer = stashdown!)


  1. What a pretty granny square! They are great for blankets. Quick, yet real pretty.

    1. This is my first and I'm loving it! It goes sooo fast too!