Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You didn't think I could let my sewing machine rest too long, did you? Hot on the heels of my finished robots and rockets triangle quilt, I'm back at it again ...

This time it's a quilt for my sister's first off-campus apartment ... a cat quilt, that is! When I saw the pattern for the Kool Kat Kwilt I sooo could not resist. It's the most complicated piecing I have attempted to date ... so far, so good when it comes to the cats themselves. I'm a little intimidated by the interlinked tail block. I'll just have to try one and see how it goes! Worst case scenario, I'll just tile lots and lots of cat blocks!


  1. Oh loving the new header, very nice! The kitty blocks are super adorable! I would love to have a kitty quilt, it should be mandatory for all households.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was high time I switched to something summery! No house is complete without something kitty!