Sunday, June 30, 2013

tardis mitts

Remember the secret swap project I mentioned finishing last week? I can now reveal my finished police box mittens! Dr. Who fans out there will recognize the TARDIS pattern, a fun colorwork pattern created by the fantastic SpillyJane (love her patterns!). 

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Celestial Blue and Cream (used less than 1/2 skein of each)
Needles: Size 2 dpn's
Modifications: None! Amazing pattern! I've been admiring the SpillyJane patterns for years now, and when she released this one it was the perfect opportunity since my swap partner is a huge Dr. Who fan. These were sooo much fun to knit, that I'm eyeing the swedish fish pattern next! Although next time I might try using two circular needles or the magic loop approach. My only frustration was maintaining my tension on the stitches at the join of each dpn ... I'm thinking with two circulars or magic loop I'd have a lot less joins to deal with ... maybe?

I enjoyed this basic palm pattern so much, that I am totally eyeing the ginger gloves released in Knitty's First Fall 2013 ... although I'd probably skip the fingers and convert to fingerless or true mittens!


  1. These look awesome! Great job with the color work.

  2. Those are super cool, great job! I really need to knit some unique mittens, I only have sad store bought ones.