Thursday, July 23, 2015

life lately

Life lately is looking like this for me ... big 'ol piles of blanket in my lap! Which is super ironic given how stinkin' hot this month has been. I've got my sewing machine cranked up again, and slowly moving along on my third garter squish blanket. Sooo happy with it now that I've added a couple of new colors into the mix! Also signed up for a couple of test knits in the past month that you'll see pop up here next week ...


  1. Oof, I can't imagine working on blankets in the heat we've been having here! You are a brave woman! This garter squish is looking fantastic-hopefully it will be done and off your lap soon!

  2. blankets ahoy!! I love that you are making another garter squish blanket, that's fantastic!