Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday: garter edition

In news that will shock no one, two out of the three projects I'm actively working on right now are primarily knit with garter stitch. I have another WIP that I'm thinking about resurfacing AND a potential birthday gift I'd like to start that also feature--you guessed it--garter stitch! What can I say? I just love garter stitch, lol!

1. A new cast on for the month, the Ily shawl in Madtosh Tosh Merino Light (colorway: fathom) and Dream in Color Jilly (colorway: tart).

 2. I'm starting to turn into one of those knitters that always has a pair of socks on the needles. This pair is my monthly project for my Love Your Library challenge. The pattern is Leyburn (a freebie!) which I've had in my library since 2011! The yarn is Your Mom Knits in the colorway Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (typing that know puts that song in my head ...)

3. Last but not least, I've picked my third garter squish blanket back up! Originally this one was going to be exclusively orange, gray, and black--but that was boring me to tears. I'm sooooo glad I added this neon lime green in. I have a nice, bright cobalt blue that will get tossed in eventually after I work another orange section. This blanket will end up in my little guy's room, and I'm happy with how "boyish" it's turning out. I wasn't sure how much I'd want to work on this blanket in the middle of the hot hot heat of  a Mississippi summer, but with how cranked we keep the AC I'm surprisingly happy to work on this lap warmer!

Today I'm linking up with Tammy's Stitch-Along Wednesday, Ginny for Yarn Along, and Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. Love the sock colourway and the pattern. It looks so effective!

  2. Gosh, I love the ILY shawl-those are great colors for it! I've been meaning to knit Leyburn, too, but I haven't gotten the right yarn for them yet.

  3. Fun projects! I especially love the socks.

  4. That shawl is going to be gorgeous! I just started a new one myself...and please I need no more sock patterns...or indie dyers.....GORGEOUS!