Wednesday, February 5, 2014

skeletons in my closet

Remember how I resolved to "knit, frog, or otherwise eliminate my current WIPs" this year? Well, I've come to the realization that I like the satisfaction of seeing visual progress toward my goals. And the problem with abandoned works-in-progress is that they really are not visible--stashed away in closets and project bags tucked away in dark corners and other hidden places. So I've decided to be honest about my skeletons in the closet, and list them all here. Then each month I can record my progress on eliminating them! Or so I hope. :-D

 1. Making Waves Cardigan, cast on April 2011 (Ravelry project page)
Definitely finishing this bad boy! Making a sweater from sock yarn = sloooooow. This is a really dark burgundy color in real life.

2. Root Cellar Vest, cast on February 2011 (Ravelry project page
I'm thinking this one will be frogged. I like the pattern, but I didn't follow instructions when it came to placing stitch markers, which made me incorrectly increase/decrease at the corners, so the front doesn't lay flat. Gorgeous wool/silk/rayon yarn though! May look for a better lacy cowl pattern to feature the yarn better.

 3. Windsor Cardigan, cast on August 2013 (Ravelry project page)
Definitely finishing! Should be cute, just need to knit enough to get to the point where I can memorize the pattern. Slow going since I'm on the first few rows.

4. Not pictured: Greenfield Cardigan,  cast on April 2013 (Ravelry pattern page)
Will finish! Easy, comforting garter stitch. Alternating skeins of my first ever Cephalopod Yarns. So that's the slowing down point--the actual alternating.


 5. Grand Palais Shawl, cast on December 2013 (Ravelry project page)
Finishing! This will go fast, I just got distracted by last-minute Christmas knitting and haven't picked this back up yet.

 6. Another Brioche Cowl, cast on August 2013
Will finish!

 7. End of May Mitts, cast on sometime in Spring 2010
Frog! This was an early stranded colorwork attempt, and I had no idea how to keep my floats under control and handle the joins with my dpn's. Will cast on and start this pattern over, however!

 8. Butternut Scarf, cast on May 2009 (Ravelry project page)
Finish! I have discovered that while I like lace, actual lace on lace weight yarn is just. not. my. thing. I am just sooooooo slow. I really love this yarn and pattern, and will slog on to finish it! Just maybe not this year ...

 9. Beaded Scarf, cast on two years ago?
This one has languished because it is heavy ... and I know I won't wear it ... and the action of pulling a bead up before stitching sloooows me down. And I hate to frog it since I've done so much work on it ... but I really can't think of someone to knit it for who would appreciate it. So this one will stay in time out.

 10. Dancing Bamboo Socks, cast on September 2013 (Ravelry project page)
 Finish? These were my first pair of socks on a smaller needle, and I just wasn't loving the feel of the needles. But now I'm a magic loop convert, and am wondering if that will change my mind. Plus, I'm almost done with one sock!

11. Vanilla Latte Socks, cast on December 2013
Frog. I love this yarn, but I had issues with the transition between purl and stockinette stitches on a handful of the "columns" which drove me crazy. Might just stick with plain stockinette socks next time I use this yarn!

Few! Not as bad as I expected! If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you know I constantly battle cast-on-itis and sometimes have a tendency to mention projects once .... and then never again. It will feel soo good to get these off my plate! 

How many hidden WIPs and UFOs do you have tucked away?


  1. Yes, that is a lot of WIPs. But that is how some knitters like to work.....not me though. I get panicky if I have more that 2 items on the go. Your Windsor cardigan reminds me of a vest I am knitting at the moment. I'm using a Debbie Bliss yarn in that very colour.

  2. I have many, many WIPs. I agree that it is good to get them all out in the open. Your plans sound great to me!

  3. Tucked away? Too many. But I just need to frog them and realize they are not getting finished. Other than that, I have 2 unfinished knits from 2013 that will get done. Too bad I have cast on 3 things in the last two weeks!!

  4. Wow, you've been busy to have so many WIPs along with the FOs I know you have as well! Good luck with them.

  5. I think I've counted about 10. I too "outed" myself of WIPs and Stash and it really helps to have the photos to look at whenever I want to buy yarn or start yet another new project.

    Post here:

    Congrats on your decision to finish or frog! Good luck!

  6. This is a great idea!!!! I might do it in May. :) I don't think I have a ton, but I do have some OLD ones. :) Best of luck. :)