Love Your Library, vol. 3

join me!

First week getting a little off-track ... I blame three-day weekends, which result in marathon scrapbooking sessions (phew! I did catch up on the past year of events, hurrah!) and a certain pair of stripey socks I started last week catching my attention. The fox I started last week does have a head and body ... just need to finish the face, ears, tail, and limbs of course!

So I've been thinking about some blog writing prompts to go along with the challenge this year. Because, let's face it--the only reason why I actually have something to show every Tuesday is because toys are tiny and fast knits! But something I appreciated when I went on my strict yarn diet last year was the chance to slow down and make some observation about my purchasing behaviors. To learn more about my "triggers" if you will. It's always good to understand our patterns and habits I think, especially if you want to change them. So use these monthly themes as another way to make progress on better utilizing that library we all have!

February: Let's Get Organized! Whatever this means for you: putting printed patterns in folders/binders, updating your Ravelry library, organizing your electronic copies of patterns that are stored off-Ravelry. I know I'd use my library more if I had a better record of everything in it.

March: What's in Your Library? Now that you're organized, let's take a closer look at it. How many patterns do you have? What is your library composed of? Books? Magazines? Single pdf's? What is your weakness in terms of acquiring new patterns?

April: Analyze Your Behavior What is your creative process? How do you go about starting a new project? Do you see a pattern you love first, then find yarn? Or vice versa? Think about the order in which you typically begin a project, and how you can do a better job of including your current library into the process. 

May: Time to Purge Do you have patterns you're holding onto even though you know you'll never knit them? Books you never open? Time to do a critical look at our physical and electronic libraries and purge the items we are no longer interested in. (short-time only free patterns, I'm looking at you!)

June: Mix it Up Just for fun, challenge yourself to try something in your library that you're not normally drawn to. A type of project or skill that's out of the norm for you.

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Lucy Bowen said...

That all sounds very organised - I organised a little but there is much more to do!!

Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

I like May's idea. I have SO, SO many patterns on my computer. If it is free on Rav, it is probably on my computer! And then are too many to look through to actually use them.

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