Sunday, January 11, 2015

sunday's stitches, vol. 2

sunday's stitches: a moment to slow down and savor whatever your stitching on

This project alternates between exciting me and overwhelming me--which makes the weekly photos a really helpful thing, as I can see my progress in them and not feel like this will take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I just realized that there are twelve remaining colors to stitch up in this project, so if I finish one color a month I can finish this project by the end of the year. Slow but steady wins the race, right?

See my progress from week to week on past sunday's stitches.


  1. I love seeing your progress on this. One color a moth sounds like a good plan-almost turning it into a sort of cross-stitch calendar!

  2. I must have to stop showing me your lovely needlepoint! Period. It is making it hard to resist the temptation to drag out all my needlepoint stuff and start a new project. Stop it! :)

    You are making great progress. And yes, slow and steady always wins the race. Happy Stitching. :)

  3. It will be very beautiful when it's finished!