Friday, January 2, 2015

selfish stitching

Are you like me? I dive head first into a slew of selfish projects the minute my Christmas gift knitting is complete! You may recognize the first project--yup, it's another fine tune cowl! I love the first one so much that I decided to make a more neon version to match the crazy eye-scorching hot pink hat I made recently.

The yarn? More Madtosh of course! The main color is called "cosmic wonder dust," a colorway I'd been coveting throughout my strict yarn diet last year. So this was my reward purchase for making the six month mark! The highlight colors are a bunch of Madtosh "unicorn tail" mini skeins. You're seeing the colorways fathom, neon peach, pop rocks, edison bulb, and button jar blue. This is knitting up faster than the first one and I loooooooove it!

My other selfish project is something a little new for me--a shawl! Normally I shy away from knitting these, as I'm not so great at artfully arranging these things on my shoulders and it's just not my day-to-day style. But lately my office at work has been freezing and I've been wishing I had something there to snuggle into when it gets chilly. This is the very first panel of a a lovely striped pattern called varjo by Veera Valimaki. I'm excited to finally be knitting one of her patterns, as I've admired them for years! The blue is another Madtosh yarn, this time in the Oceana colorway. This yarn is sentimental, as I picked it up in an amazing yarn shop located on the Oregon coast the last time I visited my brother. The neon yellow is a hand-dyed yarn I received in a swap that is a dead ringer for the edison bulb colorway. This one will be bright!


  1. Awesome neons! I really liked your last cowl, this one will be fun, too!

  2. I am so in love with your neons right now. I've been on a neon kick since summer coveting all things bright and awesome. I can't wait to see your finished objects (though I may have to shield my eyes...har har har).

  3. I love the colors for the shawl. It will be very high contrast and stunning!

  4. I love that cowl pattern and the colors you chose for both of them! I "faved" it on Ravelry.