Monday, February 16, 2015

eight-year blogiversary

Wow, I can hardly believe another three years have passed since I last celebrated a major blogiversary! I thought I'd celebrate this year by doing something a little silly--a week of my top-eight favorite patterns and yummy yarn-related things. So let's get things kicked off with my current top eight favorites!

1. Favorite yarn: Madelinetosh (oh, those saturated colors get me every.single.time! Some day I will make a pilgrimage to their Texas store ... someday ...)

2. Favorite thing to knit: hats. So fast and gratifying! I have knit 18 new hats in the past three years, so there you go.

3. Favorite independent dyer: White Birch Fiber Arts (gorgeous self-striping rainbows!)

4. Favorite designer: Joji Locatelli. She has a knack for making simple, sophisticated and beautiful things. With Amy Christoffers and Veera close runners up.

5. Favorite stitch pattern: Oh that's easy--garter stitch. Love the squishy-ness, love how it shows off highly variegated yarns. No matter how advanced my skills become, I will always return to garter stitch. Garter stitch is my go-to!

6. Favorite knitting technique: stranded colorwork!! I've discovered in the past few years that it's combining yarn colors that really excites me. That's probably why I'm so attracted to crazy variegated yarns--the color pairings.

7. Favorite color palette: Pinks, oranges, blues and toss in a nice gray to temper everything.

 8. Favorite FO: The Swedish Fish mitts I made last year. Happy, cheerful--totally me!

So what are your current favorites? Come back tomorrow for a round-up of my favorite hat patterns. All week I'll be featuring my favorite patterns for my favorite things to knit and make.


  1. Congratulations - how exciting! I agree on Madelinetosh - I have just started knitting for the first time with it. So gorgeous! And I think the fish mitts are one of my favourites too. I just love the colour flow in them.

  2. How fun, and congrats! Look at that gorgeous color palette.

  3. Great prompt for a blog post. I think I prep that for a future post. Love the color scheme!!

  4. what a great round up to celebrate your blog-o-versary! I love that colour palette, and your goldfish mitts are awesome.