Sunday, February 1, 2015

sunday's stitches, vol. 3

sunday's stitches: a moment to slow down and savor whatever your stitching on


I have been struggling with this project on several different levels. One, feeling overwhelmed by the size of it. And two, physically fighting the canvas due to the size of it. Then it dawned on me--why am I not using some kind of frame like most needlepoint artists? I have a bad habit of not using a hoop from my cross-stitching days that I carried over to this project. But a frame takes something large and unwieldy and makes it so much easier to handle. So I ponied up for the American Dream EZ Stitcher's Delight Frame set. Oh, what a difference! I already feel like I'm making progress since I'm only focusing on a smaller portion of the project at a time. And I can stitch soooo much faster with all the ends rolled up and out of my way. Hurrah!

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  1. Agree, a frame makes all the difference when stitching. I am trying to not be swayed by your Sunday posts. I have too many knitting projects I want to do. I can't pick up my stitching again!!!