Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love Your Library, vol. 5

I know I whined about the fiddly parts last week, but wow--they are so worth it! I always have moments of doubt during a project like this. I think things like, "I don't know ... this looks pretty ugly/strange/weird ... how is this ever going to end up like the perfect picture in the book?!?" And then you attach everything and add the little details and miraculously it all pulls together. For this guy, it was the nose. The face/muzzle just looks so odd and misshapen until you add the nose! And I just adore the tail and ears on this guy. This is definitely my favorite project from 50 Yards of Fun so far!

Project: Flyspeck Fox from 50 Yards of Fun (link to my Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted (in Orange and White, less than 50 yards total)
Needles: Size 6
Mods: Added legs/arms. (in the book, none are included as written, which is really odd ...)

So how did the first month of your Love Your Library challenge go? I inadvertently did better than planned, since I finished a hat and cowl using patterns in my library from last year. So that brings my grand total to four projects utilizing my library! Yippee!

Remember the blogging prompts/side challenges I set out last month? Here's February's:

February: Let's Get Organized! Whatever this means for you: putting printed patterns in folders/binders, updating your Ravelry library, organizing your electronic copies of patterns that are stored off-Ravelry. I know I'd use my library more if I had a better record of everything in it.

At the end of December I did a good purge of printed copies of patterns I no longer need, so I feel pretty good in terms of physical storage organization. What I need to improve is my electronic organization. So this month, I plan to update my Ravelry library. This is my current Rav library status below--I fully expect that pattern total to grow, as I have books I received at Christmas to add and magazine subscriptions that I need to update. I also have a large binder of Bev Galeskas felted animal patterns I bought pre-Ravelry days that I need to account for. And I could always take a look at my electronic folders on my computer and organize/purge/back up any files I've bought from other selling platforms like Patternfish, etc. So that's my task for this month!

And what's next on the needles for me? I'm ready to switch things up ... maybe make this a "farm animal February" and make something from my Knitted Farm Animals book. I'm debating between the pig and the cat first (see below)! I also am participating in a hat knitting challenge in the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry. I'm shooting for four hats using library and stash yarn this month! I don't anticipate much else getting done this month, between these two challenges for myself!

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  1. Cute little Fox you got there! In the farm animals I just love the goat!!!

  2. He's so cute! You've totally put me in a foxy mood. I found a little fox fair-isle chart that is going to be worked up into a yoke sweater soon.

  3. I love that fox! And your february challenge is so up my alley. getting my ravelry organized has been on my to-do for a while.

  4. That fox is super cute! It really makes me want to cast on for a knitted toy!

  5. He is splendid, and as for organising - I'm getting there!!