Friday, June 26, 2015

FO Friday: fraternal twin socks!


It's pink socks with black stripes! No .... it's black socks with pink stripes! Wait a second ...

Yup, it's fraternal twin self-striping socks! Normally this level of mismatching would drive me crazy, but I love these. The yarn is SpinningFates Twisted Sister socks, in the colorway "Roller Derby." But I've dubbed these my "carpool derby" socks since they were mostly knit in my first experiences hurrying-up-and-waiting in the carpool pick up line at my daughter's elementary school. These socks are also my first time knitting socks without a pattern--I've finally knit enough pairs to know that all I need to do is cast on 64 stitches on my favorite 2.5 mm needles and away I go! Somehow that makes me feel even more like a "real" knitter. More details on my Ravelry project page.

I also finished the tiny LSU baby hat! This one I did use a pattern for, lol!

Pattern: Simple Baby Hat (free Ravelry download!), link to my Ravelry project page
Yarn: Mellowspun DK
Needles: Size 5
Mods: None! Knit two-row stripes alternating each color. Super fun and satisfying knit!


  1. I think they look awesome, just can't bring myself to wear socks that don't match....just.can'

  2. great finished! I like the coordinating/mismatched socks. :)

  3. I have some mismatched self-striping socks on my needles at the moment. I never wear matching socks so knitting them into a deliberately mismatched pair is perfect.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  4. I love those socks, they are so fabulous!

  5. I did a pair from each end of the yarn they are similar but different stripping pattern very fun to do and wear