Thursday, June 25, 2015

third time's the charm

Every once in awhile I swear I just turn my brain off and quit thinking ... and that's exactly what I had done with these socks. These are my Mont Royal socks that I'm test knitting for the lovely Brandy at Stitched up in Toronto. You're looking at the heel side of the socks right now. The part that required three attempts to get back on track for. Because my brain doesn't want to work in the summer, apparently. The pattern is flawless--intuitive, fun, easy to follow. I just got in the rhythm of knitting away with the lace pattern for the top of the foot, and completely forgot that there was a new lace chart to start for the back of the leg after finishing the heel. Duh! So I ripped back, picked up stitches to only realize I hadn't ripped back far enough and had to pull things apart again. But the third time was the charm, and I'm working on the ribbing and getting ready to cast off. Luckily this lace is fast and fun, and I was caught back up in no time. (I'm excited to note that the pattern is now available! And next week I'll have one copy to giveaway for free, so come back on Wednesday for your chance to win!)


  1. The first time I was knitting up the sample socks, I forgot the back chart, too. You are not alone. ;)

    1. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel, lol!