experiencing technical difficulties

I have so much to show you, so many new projects! Alas, my camera is not cooperating. Sigh. Surf 'n Turf is DONE, buttons and all, and actually was worn a couple of times before warm weather hit, despite its late finish (thanks to this freakishly long and freezing winter/spring we're experiencing on the Palouse). A felted purse is now blocking, with an electric blue retro wedge bag waiting in the wings. And I'll be dipping into a recently enhanced bead stash soon.

Now that my mind is turning towards packing and the move to a much warmer climate, I'm dreaming of tank tops. That's right, knitted tank tops. I'm probably insane, but I'm giving it a go. In cotton-blend yarn, lest you think I've totally gone off the deep end. I'd love to splurge on some more exotic warm-weather yarns, like bamboo or linen. We'll see. I'm trying the "Mondo Cable" pattern from Chic Knits first.

Doesn't this stitch pattern look perfect for a warm-weather top? Very airy.

Image from Berroco Flex.

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