pair numero uno!

Done just in time for the end of the month, my first pair of socks for my 12 Socks in 2012 challenge is complete! These are Knit Picks Felici self-striping sock yarn in the Moonlit Path colorway. As you can see, I definitely have a "fraternal twin" thing going on. I like to call one sock the "evil twin" since it is decidedly darker than the other, thanks to a few more strategically placed navy stripes. But I don't mind--I like the variation! On to pair number two!

baby brain

I have a confession to make. My relative drop in posting and productivity over the past few months? Well ... let's just say that I was working on a pretty darn big project behind the scenes here that has been consuming a lot of my energy ... we're expecting a new addition this May! We just found out it's a boy, so I'm finally letting myself buy things like these stinking adorable sneakers. And starting some non-neutral baby craft projects!

I've had a super-cute set of eight fat quarters of coordinating car-themed flannel fabrics in my stash seemingly forever now, that I was keeping just in case. It felt so good to finally have a reason to break it out! This will be the top of a crib-sized quilt. I just tracked down some matching brown and turquoise flannel for a border, binding, and the backing so with any luck I can finish constructing the quilt this weekend. I considered a more complex quilting pattern, but ended up deciding that large squares showed off the cute prints the best. I love how it's turning out so far!

so-simple wash cloth recipe

I always like to have one super, super easy project going for the times when I want to knit, but am too tired to knit anything that requires any form of brain power. Lately? I've been churning out these wash cloths like crazy. They knit up so fast it's the closest I can come to instant gratification knitting!

I cannot claim this as an original design--it is one of those so easy, so frequently shared patterns that it would be almost impossible to trace its true origin (I think it's frequently referred to as "Grandma's Favorite Washcloth"). It was passed on to me from one of my knitting guild friends, Jane. It's the perfect project for the beginning knitter: the materials are cheap, it requires little counting, and you never purl. And it's the perfect brainless project for the advanced knitter who wants a fun project that doesn't require thinking!

Cast on 3 stitches.
Knit 2 rows.
K2, yarnover (yo), knit across.
Repeat until you have reached the desired width of your wash cloth.
Now begin decreasing:
K1, K2tog, yo, K2tog, knit across
Repeat until 6 stitches remain.
K2tog, K2tog, K2tog.
Bind off.

12 Socks in 2012: Pair #1

Before I lose any steam, I cast on right away on New Year's day for one of my resolutions--knitting 12 socks in 2012! This is Knit Picks self-striping yarn, Felici, in the Moonlit colorway. I love self-striping yarns ... they seem to knit up so quickly!


Happy New Year! We packed up all the Christmas decor yesterday, which always makes me a little sad. Suddenly the house feels so sparse! But it always feels good to have such a big chore done and out of the way ... which leaves more guilt-free time for crafting! I have several major crafting goals for 2012:

Priority #1: stashbusting! My yarn and fabric stash has seemingly multiplied exponentially in the past couple of years. Being realistic, I am not going to commit myself to a drastic yarn/supply diet in which I make no new purchases whatsoever. Instead, I have made some knitting goals that I can complete using my current stash.

  • Goal #1: Knit 12 socks in 2012. This is a biggie for me, but doable. I'm going to keep my patterns simple to keep this even more doable. I have joined this group in Ravelry for inspiration and motivation. My self-striping sock yarn stash in particular has grown wildly out of control, so I'm excited to finally knit it up!

  • Goal #2: Finish at least one sweater in 2012. I have one WIP that is thisclose to being finished (a little more length on the body, plus arms and a neckband) so this is doable as well. I have enough yarn for at least three sweaters in my stash, but I'm going to be realistic here.

Priority #2: utilizing my craft/yarn book stash more frequently. I have a bad tendency of purchasing/receiving amazing craft books, admiring the projects for a week or two, then storing the books on a bookshelf and promptly forgetting about them forever. Not good.

  • Goal #3: Make one project a month out of one of my current stash of craft books. I have an amazing mitten book by Charlene Schurch to tackle, and tons of adorable knitted toy books I'd like to finally make projects from this year.

Priority #3: get back to needlework and embroidery! I have several projects brewing over the past few months that just haven't quite made it to the start phase.

  • Goal #4: Make needlepoint pillows for my couch in my sitting room. I have canvas, I have some yarn, I have ideas ... just need to start!

  • Goal #5: Finish a paper-doll cross-stitch kit for my daughter's room. This will be a long-term project. I purchased the most adorable paper-doll themed cross-stitch kit years ago, thinking I'd make it for one of my kids "someday." Every time I see it in my stash of kits and supplies, I get all excited about it again. I think this is the year to finally make it!

Priority #4: do more design work! Let's face it, the tapered tote is kind of lonely ... I have more than enough ideas, I just haven't committed to getting them down on paper.

  • Goal #6: Publish at least one new knitting pattern in 2012.
What are your crafting goals for 2012?

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